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Creating a DSN for Filemaker Pro

I am having trouble accessing a Filemaker Pro database using LabView's database connectivity VIs on a PC running XP Version 2002 SP3.


I am unable to create a DSN file for a Filemaker database .  I have the what I believe is the correct driver.  I open my PC's ODBC Source Admin, goto the System DSN tab, select the "DataDirect 32-BIT SequeLink 5.5" driver, click "Finish", enter a DSN name, enter the host as localhost, enter the port as 2399, and select the Filemaker Pro database after clicking the little browse button.  When I "Test Connection", I enter the correct username and password for the FMP database, and I get the following -511 error: "[DataDirect][ODBC Sequelink][ODBC Socket][DataDirect][ODBC Filemaker driver][Filemaker]Unable to open file(802)"


Where am I going wrong??


I have had success with the above procedure accessing a MS Access database using the LV database connectivity VIs.

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According to this new post, the user has found the solution to this.
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