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Created Service starts with Frontpanel Open

Hi, why do my windows services (created out of an LabVIEW Application)
start with FP open?
I used two methods to create the services:
- FireDaemon
- instsrv.exe & srvany.exe

The service is created correctly but when started the FP appears!
Any ideas would really be appreciated.

Thank You,

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What you could do is set the state of the Front Panel to hidden.


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Thank You Ton for the reply!

But this would be just a workaround. A service does not have a FP. When it starts with a FP I assume it does not start as services but as an application. I'm going to export the service to an embedded system and therefore I want to be sure that is works as expected.

i used the tutorials
to create the service out of the LV application.

Right now I think I forget any setting when building the exe with the application builder.


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