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Create class objects dynamically during initialization

I have a NiDmm class that is loaded dynamically via an ini file. It is then casted to a DMM object and a connection to an instrument is opened and the object is saved as a key value pair.


How can I create objects of this DMM in the initialize module and save it in the module manager?


The exisitng code is in the picture

My idea  is to check if the device id is the same as DMM Resource name that is used to open the connection if not (to make an object with given name without trying to open connection again), create an object and save it. I don't know how to create the object in the case structure as i am new to lvoop.







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Is there a reason you could not just create a new class constant and then populate it with the class data in the initialization state?  If you could post the actual code instead of embedded images it might make it easier to help.





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