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Create an executable fails at the second attempt


I am using labview 23.3f0 (32bits) to create an executable to be used on another computer. The creation of the executable works fine at the first time after opening labview but fails afterwards and I need to restart labview.
The error message tells that it cannot write on an existing file. This file was copied here by labview at the previous build but I don't understand why it cannot overwrite it.




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A few things you could try:


Right-click the build spec and select "clean"

In the project window, try a tools...advanced...clear compiled object cache.


What are your settings in the "Advanced" and "additional exclusions" of the build spec?

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What are the attributes of that file it fails on? It may be write protected or something else and then the initial copy operation works fine but it can’t remove the file afterwards before starting a new build.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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thank you for this idea.
I tried to clean from the build spec but an error appeared :

L'erreur 8 s'est produite à : C:\Users\admin-local\Documents\Yves\CASTOR v2.0\builds\CASTOR_XDURS\data\tango_binding.dll

finally, this is the same error than previously. I don't understand why labview does not want to overwrite it.


I tried your second idea, cleaned the compiled object cache but still, Labview does not want to overwrite it.

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thank you Rolf.


but it is weird, the attribute of the file is not protected, that is why labview can overwrite it at the first build after opening labview. But strangely, Labview keeps "in mind" that it cannot overwrite it for a second build.

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I can't read the error message but this looks very similar to one I have seen on older versions of LabVIEW.  Check my solution in the post below.  I see similar references to AB_EXE.lvclass.


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