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Create a Fancy Custom Control

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I'm trying to create a fancy Custom Control for processing Cell Counter images.  I want a Control that lets me select two image types, Fluorescent or DAB, and if I choose Fluorescent, will let me pick Red, Green, or Blue.


I created two Radio Button controls, one for Fluorescent/DAB, one for RGB, that look like this:

Two Controls.png

I was hoping to "embed" the RGB control inside the Image Type control, yet have them retain their properties (a 2-element and 3-element Dialog Box).  When I did the simple drag-and-drop of RGB onto Image Type, it acted as though I added elements to a cluster, and I had a 5-element Dialog Box, not what I wanted.


So I got clever and dragged Image Type on top of RGB.  Of course, if Image Type is in front, you don't see RGB.  However, if RGB is in front, you see both, but with ugly shadows around RGB (I made its label invisible).

Combined Controls.png

Anyone have an idea how I can Have my Cake and Eat It, Too?  Specifically, how can I get rid of the shadow that the RGB control casts on the Image Type control?

Here are the controls, themselves, as snippets:Two Controls 2.png


Bob Schor

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How about one radio button with Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Green,  Fluorescent Blue, and DAB?



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Duh ...  Thanks, Lynn!  Here is the result:

Combined Control.png

Bob Schor

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You're welcome.  Forest and trees and all that...



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