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Could not connect Keithley in the example code for Mercury ITC voltage vs temperature

Dear all,

I have been using the example LabVIEW code provided by oxford for measuring Voltage vs Temperature using Mercury ITC and Keithley sourcemeter. I have attached the code for your reference. In this code when I try to select Keithley sourcemeter in the visa resource name, it is not identified (I have used USB for Keithley and GPIB for Mercury ITC). So I have given COM3 manually in the Keithley visa resource name. The GPIB connector was detected in the visa resource name for mercury ITC and the temperature part was running fine. I have used Keithley 2636B and it works fine with other LabVIEW codes, the USB connection was detected in all those VIs. But in this code the USB connection of Keithley is not detected and the instrument is not communicating using the code. Could you please help me find the possible issue here. Except this, the code is all fine and has no error. I have a doubt whether I need to use GPIB for Keithley also in this code. Will that be the issue? I have attached the image of the front panel of the code. If you can suggest something it would be helpful.
VT image.PNG
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