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Copy files from 3 folders to a backup folder

I want to copy files from 3 folders to a backup folder. But I need to design the code in such a way, there are 2 options. 1st option is All data i.e from all 3 folders. 2nd option is Defined data i.e if I click defined data, I can select one of the folders. So how do I do this. The copy part is ok. I have done a detailed backup program to copy files. But that is with one folder. I need to modify it to do the above. I am currently struggling with the first option. How will I give 3 folders to a list folder. Because in my backup program the 1st part is a list folder. That is part I am struggling now. When that is done, second option comes which is how to do something that lets u select a folder when u run the program. Please I need help with this. If anyone could help me, give me some ideas that would be helpful. There are actually 2 more options called data older than and data younger than. But primarily I am trying to do the first two options. Thanking You.  

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Hi vindsan,


if I click defined data, I can select one of the folders

Then you need to create an UI with the possibility to select the folder. I prefer to use Listboxes for applications like these…

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2020 on Win8.1/10+cRIO
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Thank You. But I still need help with first option. Is there any way to do that. So far I have thought of a idea like this. To keep the the three folder paths in a cluster, convert the cluster to an array, take the array size, which is obviously 3, give the array size to a for loop to run it 3 times and unundle the cluster inside the loop to get the 3 paths. Now I need a way to execute each of these paths one by one as the loop increments. I need something like inside the loop, as the loop iterates the first time, path 1 from the unbundle cluster gets executed, then in 2nd iteration path 2 and finally in 3rd path 3. I am not getting any idea. If you have any idea please help me. If u think this idea of mine is wrong, u can also suggest some better idea. Thanking You.

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You are over complicating it - LabVIEW will very simply do what you request:



The sequence structure isn't required - it's just so you can see that the auto-indexing tunnel is returning a single path.


This is pretty basic LabVIEW so I suggest having a look at some training materials.

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Thank You Very Much. 

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