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Controlling a VFD using Modbus/TCP or Ethernet/IP using LabView?

You will have to get DriveWindows Light from your ABB distributor.  More than likely, you don't have all the drive parameters set correctly.

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Whatever image you have in your signature is not showing up.  It says it points to your gallery, but according your gallery, it is "hidden".

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Yeah, I know.  I need to fix that.  It is supposed to be the CLD logo.

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So i just contacted ABB tech support and they told me the Drive Window lite is only serial based. So i cant test my network with it. He said it would help with backing up the configuration and pushing it back to multiple units. But i only have 3 VFDs.


And as expected i get same information. send 1150 (stop) and 1151 (start) to address 40001, which i read as address 0 in the modbus api. then 40002 is for the frequency speed control location.


Also told me to set param 1001 and 1103 to COMM. but i think i have that already, ill need to check again.


Man i bet this is just one stupid parameter not set right. WHY MODBUS! so many parameters!!!

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Use, DWL is for configuration.  It makes it easy to look at parameters and save them to a file so someone else can look at your settings.  All of your data may be going just fine to the Fieldbus parameters, but if the drive isn't told to use them, then it won't work.

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Testing my CLD logo....

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Looks like the HTML is pointing to your public library now.  But it gets cut short there.  It isn't pointing all the way to the image.


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How about now?


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Crap.  That is the CLAD logo, not the CLD.  OK, will fix it.


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