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Continuous Wavelet Transformation frequency output in columns and rows?



I´m trying to understand the output of the Continuous Wavelet Transformation Vi. I am only a beginner in wavelet, so is viewing from a Fourier Transformation method with moving windows. For example if I have 8 points say recorded with 1Hz = 8sec of data and run it thought the CWT with 8 scales, I get 8x8 array of data. So as far as I understand I get the frequencies of (starting with column 0 going to 7): 1Hz, 0,5Hz, 1/3Hz, 1/4Hz, 1/5Hz, 1/6Hz, 1/7Hz and 1/8Hz. Is this correct so far?

What I don´t get is how it is possible to make 8 (rows) of wavelet correlations on the columns from 1-7, when there is for example only one possibility to make correlation of 1/8Hz stretched wavelet, because the wavelet must be stretched over 8points (7th column). In picture below is illustration of wavelet where for the largest scale 8 (=lowest frequency) here 1/8Hz there is only 1 value for every 8 values for the smallest scale 1 (=highest frequency) here 1Hz.  


I really hope someone can help me!


Best Regards



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