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Continuous Update on Voltage Output

Hi there,


I am encountering a problem while trying to read the voltage output from DAQ card continuously. It seems a very small structural mistake, but I still couldn't figure out. I can only read the correct output once and after that it always gives the value of 0. 



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Maybe it is trying to read the next value too quickly? See if adding a wait time improves it at all.

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I plugged my 6009 into my PC, opened it in MAX, and configured a MyVoltageTask task for it.  I specified 1 Sample (On Demand), reading AI0 in differential mode.


I then opened your VI and substituted my task name for yours.  It ran fine, with voltages changing rapidly (I didn't try to time it, but it was probably running at 1KHz).


Short answer -- your LabVIEW code seems to be fine.  Check out your device in MAX, and see if you can get it to run.



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