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Constant 64 byte array (VISA USB) - Easiest possible way

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How it is possible to define 64byte array with one block (or at least block possible). Because I must sending different (constant) byte arrays over VISA USB and watching responses. In C# for example I define new byte array just like that:


byte[] mybytearray ={ 0x6e, 0x61, 0x6d, 0x65, 0x3f, ... };

It is best solution to do it with pure code block maybe?


Thanks and hello to NI forum - I am pretty new in LabView environment, and I hope that some day I will be helping others 🙂

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Initialize Array lets you create an array of N number of elements, all of the same value.

If you are trying to create an array of some size N, but every element is different, then use an array constant.  You'd type in each value just like you type in each value in the text-based example you show.


I would recommend looking at the online LabVIEW tutorials
LabVIEW Introduction Course - Three Hours
LabVIEW Introduction Course - Six Hours

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