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Connecting LabView with TDK-Lambda ( Genesys )Power Supply

Hello, I have a task of controlling my TDK -Lambda power supply (GENH 60V-12.5A) with the Lab view. I have already downloaded the drivers for it. It would be of great help if any one could provide me with a sample Labview code/program to command and control the voltage and current  outputs of the power supply. Thank you...

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Look at the drivers you downloaded.  In them there is a Getting Started VI that all you need to do is run to be able to contol simple functionality like voltage, current, and output control.  There is no code to provide, because it is all in the driver.  If you get stuck post what you have.

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If you installed a project style driver, the example(s) will be with the rest of the LabVIEW examples - Help> Find Examples. Look under Hardware Input and Output.
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Hi all,


We have a TDK-Lambda power supply we would like to use with LabVIEW.  One label on the supply shows GEN3300W and another shows  MD:GEN 40-85-3P208.  I found this driver page: but cannot locate our specific model.  Do you know if any of these will work with our supply or do we need to write new software for it?


Thanks in advance!

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I've used those drivers on about 5 different power supplies.  If it is a Lambda TDK, or Genesys series, I'm guessing those drivers will work.

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Any one specifically you would trust first with our model?

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They are essentially the same code for each just different versions of LabVIEW.  Pick the one most appropriate for your version of LabVIEW.

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Sounds great, we'll give it a try.


Thanks again!

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Every Genesys supply I have tried had the exact same SCPI protocol.  So those should work for your supply.  But you won't really know until you try it.

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