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Concurrent DAQmx tasks on cDAQ

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From the documentation at Number of Concurrent Tasks, it's clear that the cDAQ-9189 chassis only supports 1 hardware timed task but multiple software timed tasks. However it's not clear to me from that if cDAQ chassis would support one hardware task AND multiple software tasks. I'll attach the VI (LabVIEW 2020) I was using to attempt this in case I just made a mistake somewhere (just using simulated cDAQ-9189 chassis with NI-9263 card in NI MAX to test). I get the error -89137 when trying to do this and I've tried adding the explicit clock reference as defined in article Error -89137 When Using Multiple NI-DAQmx Tasks or Terminal Routes, but with no luck. From this error alone I'm thinking that the cDAQ doesn't allow for software task with a hardware task but anyone know if it's possible and if so how to set it up?


Here's a screenshot of my vi if that's quicker to reference:




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Got the answer from support, you can do one hardware task and multiple software tasks but the software tasks can't be on the same cDAQ module as the hardware task.

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