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Compiler error

If I try to save or run the attatched vi I get several errors and the error lists says "code could not be generated correctly for this vi".
The vi ran fine until I started messing around with some waveform operation vi's. I've deleted those but still get the errors. I am using Labview 6.0
The errors I get are: Compiler error:CopyCut xc=0x40
bad mode in_GenCopyConvert Numcode=0x40
genFPushop bad type xc=0x40
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I don't have traditional DAQ installed but in LabVIEW 7.1 and above, I was able to save without an error. I would try copying your block diagram to a new, clean, vi. Sometimes that solves the problem. Post to let us know if this helped out.
Chris C
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Yes I tried that. Didn't work. So I've copied/paste it to a new vi a portion at a time. Seems to have worked. Took a  bit of time but it's better than doing it over. I'd just like to know why it happened. Oh well, long as it works. 


Thanks for the input.

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