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Combo box scaling problem.

It looks like leaving a breadcrumb trail here for others may help, as I just had to solve this problem.


As previously mentioned, if you don't need to have the user actually type information into the text field, then just use a Ring Control (drop-down menu, but can't enter text).


If you must also have the ability for the user to enter text, then you need a ComboBox.  To add this, in the panel uir file you go: right-click > Custom Controls > Toolslib Controls > Combo Box.  Really, this only inserts a String control into your panel.  You still have to instantiate the combo box using Combo_NewComboBox(panel, ctrl);  then you have to destroy it using Combo_DiscardComboBox(panel, ctrl); when you are done.  These functions come from including the combobox.h file.


When you use the Combo_NewComboBox function, under the hood combobox.c will actually create two additional controls in the CreateRing function: a Ring control and a Frame control.  Even if you are moving/sizing the original String control using Splitters, when these new controls are NOT attached to your splitter when they come in.  To move/size them correctly, you need access to the control handles (newRing and outline).  To do this, I commented out the newRing and outline variables inside the CreateRing function in combobox.c.  Then I called these variables out in a SharedGlobalVars.h file:


/* Ctrl IDs for new ComboBox controls */
int newRing;
int outline;
int gRingWidth;

(You will have put #include "SharedGlobalVars.h" in your combobox.h file, and initialize newRing and outline in the CreateRing function.)


Add in combobox.c:
gRingWidth = GetRingWidth(panel,control);

Add lines similar to these in your code:
//Attach newly-created elements of the combo box to be moved/sized by splitters.  THIS HAS NO FRAME OF REFERENCE UNLESS YOU SET THE ATTR_TOP of the controls.
AddCtrlToSplitter(panel, hSplit1, VAL_TOP_ANCHOR, newRing, 1, 1);
AddCtrlToSplitter(panel, hSplit1, VAL_TOP_ANCHOR, outline, 1, 1);

SetCtrlAttribute(panel, newRing, ATTR_LEFT, Lbox - gRingWidth);
SetCtrlAttribute(panel, outline, ATTR_LEFT, Lbox - gRingWidth);
SetCtrlAttribute(panel, outline, ATTR_WIDTH, Wbox + gRingWidth);


//Set newRing and outline control positions to be the same as the top of the combo box ctrl, which is already attached to a splitter.
GetCtrlAttribute(panel, MyComboBox, ATTR_TOP, &Tbox); //This is actually the String control.
SetCtrlAttribute(panel, newRing, ATTR_TOP, Tbox);
SetCtrlAttribute(panel, outline, ATTR_TOP, Tbox);


This made all of the ComboBox elements move and scale together.  I hope that helps.

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