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Cluster to arrays

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Hi experts,

I am using a multiplexer to read 8 voltages using 1 analog channels. How do I arrange a cluster of 8 data points into separate arrays? The outcome must be 8 individual arrays (one for each temperature). The 9th cluster element (9th data read) must be the second element of the first array and so on.



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Your description is not clear. Why do you even have a cluster instead of an array?

How do you get the 9th cluster element if there are only 8 voltages?

Please attach a simple VI containing your data structures.

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I use DAQ assistant to read the data and it creates a cluster of voltage values. The voltages from 8 transducers are sent to channel 1 every 0.1 s, like: T1, T2 , ..... T8, back to T1, T2, ... , T8, and this pattern is repeated. I do not have a vi to share now. 


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So use "cluster to array" to make an array of 8 elements, then append it to a 2D array in a shift register.

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Can I select the size of the array that is created after using cluster to array?

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Accepted by topic author HessT

The array will be the same size as the number of elements in the cluster.

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