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Client/Server Setup. No Boolean indicators changing state on client VI's

Hi Everyone,


I am a student who and am currently doing a Labview project. I have been studying Labview for the last few months and am at best able to put together fairly basic VI's. Our project requires us to buid a server VI and 3 client VI's. Using the DSC module we must create an IO server and a shared variable library with which to build the client VI's.This is all built on the one computer as we are only simulating a client/server configuration.


I have tried endlessly to get my system working correctly. Right now I have all of the above completed but my issue is that none of my boolean indicators will display on my client VI's.  I drop them onto the FP from my shared variable library and change them to indicators, but when I run the VI they dont change state as per the wiring in the server VI BD.

All of my controls seem to work fine as do my non boolean indicators such as tanks, thermometers and numeric displays.

Below is my process steps for creating my project. Is there something very simple that I am missing?


1)  Build Server VI

2)  Created new project

3)  Created new library and within this created new custom VI, Periodic server and pointed to my server VI. Completed this process and built all.

4)  Deployed all from my IO server

5)  Created new shared variable library

6)  Right clicked and created bound variables and selected all from my IO server ( DBL's and booleans) . This opened the multiple variable editor and all looked ok. Clicked done and then saved all my project.

7)  Created a new VI and dragged some controls and indicators from my shared variables library onto the FP but as explained above none of the booleans would work.


Is it necessary to Bind any of the variables that are on the server VI or should this be handled automatically by my IO server.


Thanks in advance for any advice.



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Could you please upload your your project and all associated files as a .zip file so I can take a look at it please.



Matt Surridge

National Instruments
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Hi Matt,


Attached is my main server VI (called Project2012) and my project files.


I have added more controls and indicators to  my client VI and some of my valves are indeed changing when I press their respective control, however other status LED's are still not changing.


ps. The wiring techniques on the main server BD may be questionable but as already stated I am only a Labview novice!!


Thanks for the help

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You do need to bind the variables it is not done automatically by the I/O server.


Let me know if you have any further questions



Matt Surridge

National Instruments
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