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Client Server Communication

Hi Everyone,

There are different communication methods in labview as there are

Shared vars, OPC, TCP/IP(STM), CVT Client communication

but my question is :

What client/server communication do you prefer and why?


thanks in advance

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It's generally not up to me to have a preference.  I have to work with the protocol chosen by the designer of the devices I'm communicating with.  When I do have a choice I like VISA for talking to test instuments and TCP/IP for talking to computer-based devices. 

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For talking between my cRIO and PC, I bounce between Network Steams and TCP/IP (STM).  Of cource it depends on exactly what I have to pass between the two systems.

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You are right the protocol is usually determined by the customer or by the equipment, but sometimes I get the question, "What do I prefer?"

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I never used Network streams, so I will give it a try to compare. thanks

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