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Classic Pong

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You code make little sense.


  • Why do you use a filtering event (key down?) instead of a plain event (key down) ?
  • That "built array" on the left make no sense at all. It has no useful function. Delete it!
  • Don't use a shift register in the outer loop, because you need to draw a new paddle each iteration.
  • You need to start with a full 20x30 2D boolean array. Right now you only have a 2D array with a single column.
  • 200ms is probably too slow.
  • Your inner FOR is not needed, because "replace array subset" can replace entire arrays. (If you use a FOR loop, you would need a shift register for the array).
  • You need to move the insert point based on the key states.
  • ...
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ok I changed a couple of things but I am still a little confused about the replace array subset I get how the for loop is not needed, but I just dont know what to put in the replace element?



Harold Timmis
*Kudos always welcome:)
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here is my code:
Harold Timmis
*Kudos always welcome:)
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No! You now have an empty boolean array in a shift regsiter, so replacing elements will not work. You can only replace existing elements. The array in the shift register must be the size of the playing field.


Here's a quick modification of my old VI adding the paddles. It also shows a way to read the up/down buttons.


(I also changed to classic booleans for efficiency). The computer plays perfect, so you cannot win. 😄


See if it makes sense to you. 😉



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I understand what you did I just wish I could have thought of it lol. 



wow impressive


thanks man you know your stuff



Harold Timmis
*Kudos always welcome:)
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yeah you def. can not win lol
Harold Timmis
*Kudos always welcome:)
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hey guys/gals


well I have been working on this for about an hour and I figured I could make it a little bit more random so that you can win lol


so my attempt failed maybe someone can tell me why.



Harold Timmis
*Kudos always welcome:)
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Accepted by topic author Harold_Timmis

I would just accumulate a small random error, e.g. as follows.


I also made a small change to make the paddle more responsive (eliminating the key repeat and coding around it to remove the key repeat delay).

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well I geuss that is why your a labview champion thank you for the help with this like I said before I only wish I would have thought of it.


Thank You,


Harold Timmis
*Kudos always welcome:)
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Well, this was just a very quick and rough draft, it would need quite a bit more work. For example you might want to add small changes in vertical speed depending of the vertical impact point on the paddle and the paddle speed at the time of impact, for example.  😉
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