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Class properties of decedent class access scope error

There seems to be what I consider a bug in the implementation of LV 2010 property nodes. If parent has a property folder with read and write accessors and child has a property folder overriding only one of the accessors, then the non-overridden property becomes unaccessible to the child type but is accessible when the child class is casted to the parent type using to more generic node.


The expected behavior would be that all parent properties would be accessible from the child type regardless if the child overrides the none, one or both of the accessor methods. If officially considered as a bug, please provide a CAR number.


Please see images below and attached zip file.

block diagram.pngClasses


Tomi Maila
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Thank you for the feedback you've supplied to us. We really appreciate that you took the time to document the problem so thoroughly. I did have this issue discussed and it was determined that this was unexpected behavior. I have filed a CAR (#279670) to R&D for further investigation. 

Stephanie A.
Americas Marketing Manager
National Instruments
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