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Changing the value setpoint at every 50s using elapsed time express

Hi. I am developing a tank level control system program using Neural Network based controller and trying to compare with PID based controller. I need to do experiment to compare results of these two controllers. In order to do that, I need to developed a scenario of changing the value of setpoint at every 50s. For example:


when t >= 50s    , Setpoint = 5

           t >= 100s  , Setpoint = 4

           t >= 150s  , Setpoint = 6

           t >= 200s  , Setpoint = 0


Can I use the Elapsed Time Express to execute this and how? I know that PID have the Setpoint Profile that can execute this, but for the Neural Network Controller can this be done using the Elapsed Time Express?


Thank you.

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you didn't describe how exactly you get data and set setpoint. I created a simply example with Case structure to do what you want.

I hope I understood you problem correctly.

Hope this helps!



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Thank you for your reply. 


I am using the Write to Measurement File Express to obtain data and a slide control pallete.


Apparently I have solve the problem myself. I used the elapse time express to change the setpoint at certain time using a formula node and add shift register to the whilw loop. And it work. What you send me is something similar and it does help. Thank you so much for helping! 🙂

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This is how I solved it.






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