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Changing significant digits gathered from an O-scope

Hello everyone,


I'm working on a program that collects data from an MSO64B o-scope, displays the data on a GUI, and can save it to a text file.


I need to be able to change significant digits taken from the scope (have to have 8-12 digits precision), but when I use a "read" function combined with "get waveform components", I only seem to be able to get 3 significant digits.  This is in spite of trying to change the outputs to "float" when needed.

How do I fix this?

Example: below is how I collect the data - 


The "waveform magnitude Ch2" appears as such:


How do I get the values here to have more significant digits (i.e. 0.55762853)?


Thanks in advance.

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Right click on the text and choose "Display format".  There will be fields for how many digits to show, and whether those are digits of precision or significant digits.




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And while you are at it, change the representation back to DBL. Having the indicator as EXT is just plain silly, especially since the original data is not. Notice the red coercion dot?

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