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Change fill color of a flat frame decoration in Block Diagram

Is it possible, in order to help make a complex block diagram a bit easier to follow, to fill in a flat frame decoration on a block diagram?  It would be nice to "color code" the various related sections of a block diagram, much like one would divide a radio set into xmtr and rcvr and so on. 
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Yes. Select the paintbrush tool, right click on the frame's borders, and select your color from the popup.
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Oops. Sorry. Saw that you were looking for the *fill* color. Then the answer is no. Smiley Sad

As an alternative you can use the stacked sequence structure with a single frame. Not as dainty, but it works.

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I recommend cheating.  Open your VI and place it so that the front panel and the block diagram are both visible.  Click on the front panel to make it have focus.  Open the palette and select the flat box or the recessed box and drag it to the diagram.  These will work and can have their color changed.  On LabVIEW 8.0 it will show a 'Do Not' symbol but you can ignore that.

Hope that this helps,
Bob Young

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You've also got the Free Label on the decorations palette.
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Well guys, I tried both the "cheating" method and the free label method and both have the same limitation.  Both the box and the label block all the wires from view.  I tried sending them (the box or the label) to the back, but no luck.  Oh well, thanks for the effort.  Obviously, it has no impact on the operation.  I just thought it would have made the diagram easier to follow.  I like to use raised boxes of various colors on my front panels to logically group controls together, and I'd thought it would be nice to use the same color schemes on the block diagram, so that whenever a programmer is going back and forth, there is a visual cue as to what's going on where.  Maybe sonmething for NI to consider some day?
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Where is the paintbrush tool?  I can't seem to find it and LV help doesn't return anything.
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Go to view->Tools Pallette

by default its automatic, click the brush in there. Select color from below icon, and start filling block diagram.





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