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Case Structure Delay/Reset

Hello everyone,


I have a very simple question regarding case structures and calling constants out of them to an output value.


I'm using a slider to change my motor from Forward, Reverse, and Stop Position. The problem is when I run the program I can't switch from say like Forward => Backward. If it begins on "forward" it will stay forward until I stop the program or turn off the power supply


Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I know it has to do something with delay or something. I'll attach a picture of my VI.




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It has to do with 'or something'. It has nothing at all to do with delay. Your control is outside the loop. The only time it is read is when you start the VI. Simply place it inside the loop. It would be far better to use an event structure though.


You might want to look into the free LabVIEW tutorials.

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god I feel stupid. Thanks.
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