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Cannot locate Network shared variables in PSP browsing



I created network shared variables on one PC and deployed the library. Then on a separate PC (which is on the same network host), I created a new project and tired to bind new variables to these ones using aliasing. However when I tired to browse with PSP, I could locate the first PC but it did not show any network shared variables. Kindly suggest me what can I try to solve it.


Best Regards,



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Hello svds


Have you tried to use the Distributed System Manager in order to see all the variables in the network?



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I monitored them using distributed system manager, however, the variables created on computer show up under Network Items->Computer name. But they do not show up when I try to view them through other computer using Distributed system manager.





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Hi, you may need to configure your firewall on the machine hosting the variables.  see here:  

It is worth disabling your firewall briefly, just to see if the firewall is the issue.

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Hi Michael,


Disabling the firewall worked with following observations:

1- I only need to disable firewall on the PC that publishes the variables. The one receiving it can have the firewall ON.

2- The method recommended here  , did not work. I created the required file and changed the number of ports to search from 100 to 1000. The issue persists. 


I guess I need to look more into accessing labview through Firewall. Thanks a lot for your advice! 





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I looked back and found i emailed NI, here you go : Shared variables require port 2343 to be opened for UDP and TCP as can be found


I have asked NI to update the document.  And you are right, these settings need to be added to the machine serving the variables.

I hope that works for you.  Michael.

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Hi Michael,


Sorry for delayed response. It turned out that I ONLY had to put exceptions for tagsrv.exe and lkads.exe in my windows firewall. I did not had to change any TCP ports etc, I only had to enter new rules for these two files in the inbound rules of firewall. Thanks for your support. 




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Same problem and this was helpful, solved my problem.

Thank you

Davide Vittorio G. - TLGB S.R.L.
Italian SW Developer
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