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Can't create LabView VIs from Visual Assistant

Create LabVIEW VI feature in Visual Assistant is not working smoothly.


When I try to create a LabView VI two prompts show up for 2 different files; "Find the VI Name "" and "Find the Control Name "_nirio_device_attributes.ctl". (Screenshots included).


After cancelling both prompts, I am taken into LabView where the block diagram is locked behind a password. I have tried my passwords and none can unlock it.


Both versions of LabView and Vision Assistant are 2020 SP1.

My machine is a Ryzen 4800H 32GB RAM with Windows 10


The VI I'm trying to create is just a simple Image Display VI



I have also tried to repair both software and re-installing but the problem persists.


Can anyone please help me?


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I am having the exact same issues....have uninstalled/reinstalled the 2020 SP1 versions (LabVIEW and Vision Development Module).

Installed 2020 versions and getting same error now??

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Install the NI RIO driver to fix the issue.

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Thanks, but this doesn't seem to have solved it. I installed the NI RIO 14.5 (Legacy) drivers...

I have been using Vision Assistant & LabVIEW for many years and never had these problems, just wondering if its an issue with 2020 SP1 versions.

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NI CompactRIO install has solved the issue....

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Compact RIO drivers installation sorted out the problem for me. But no idea what is the relationship with Compact RIO with Vision Assistant code generation. 

Thanks for the suggestion. 

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