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Can not programmaticly access network-shared variables



I try to access a network-shared Varialble on the RT system, but I get Error -1950678943. If I execute the code from LabVIEW, everything is fine. The problem occurs when I use a RT startup application, but only in case, if no network cable is connected. The connection to a network is enough to eliminate the problem, but the system should stand alone.Has anyone experience with such a failure?

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Are you accessing the shared variables within the RT target or from the host PC?

Where are the shared variables hosted? RT target or the host PC? 

Can you show a screenshot on the LabVIEW project?

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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In addition to what ZYOng posted, you might also want to look out how you're addressing the shared variables (assuming you're trying to access shared variables from the machine that's hosting them).


I remember there being some differences opening a local cRIO FPGA connection depending on whether we went directly through the item or had localhost/IP/hostname so maybe shared variables are similar in this regard.

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA
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Thanks for your answers.


The variable are hosted at the RT target and I also want to access them from the RT target.


Today, I found the solution. It seems that the RT target do not use the same hostname with and without a network connection.

The solution was to add <desired_hostname>

to the file /etc/hosts at the RT target.

After a reboot everything seems to be fine.


Thanks again.


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