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Call Library Function Node


I'm using several Call Library Function Nodes to access some custom functions in a DLL.

When a VI is encountered that contains a Call Library Function Node, does Labview use the Win32 LoadLibrary to load the DLL, execute the specified function then call the Win32 FreeLibrary to unload the DLL ?

Thanks in advance
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Hi Dave,

I've been investigating the loading/unloading of DLLs when using the Call Library Function Node and found that the DLL is actually loaded when the VI is loaded into memory, and is unloaded when the VI is closed.

I have an example that can be posted if requested.

Charlie Rodway
Test Engineer - Goodrich Control Systems

Charlie Rodway | Principal Software Engineer | Certified TestStand Architect (CTA)

Computer Controlled Solutions Ltd | NI Silver Alliance Partner | GDevCon#1 Sponsor

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Hi Charlie,

I just found a previous post which says the same thing. Thanks for looking into it & replying so quickly!

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