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CPU usage on buffered analog input and output

   Thanks for your advice! I build an example with occurrences. It seems to work.  If I want to use cards FIFO buffer. Do I just have to chagne alloc. mode to FIFO ? Can I also use AI FIFO? Have a nice Weekend Smiley Very Happy

Message Edited by labfritz on 06-23-2006 10:04 AM

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Hi Peter,

I am glad to hear things are working.  Yes, to use AO FIFO mode, you change the allocation mode.  If you want to see an example, I linked to one in my first post in this thread.  I wouldn't recommend using FIFO mode for analog input unless you have a device with a lot of onboard memory, such as an S Series, or you are only doing a finite acquisition.  Your program is currently setup for a continuous acquisition.   The onboard FIFO generally is small and can fill up quite fast.  You can see the LabVIEW help on the AI or AO Config VIs to get more information.   Was there a particular reason you are asking about using AI FIFO?



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