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CPU usage jumping to 100% for no obvious reason



Yesterday I downloaded the MyRio 2015 software bundle (required) located here:


Today, I started up my computer and about 3-4 hours in experienced severe mouse and keyboard latency. When I opened task manager I got the below Screenshot. Note I havent started any NI software today. As you can see there are 5 processes taking up 20% of the CPU each, all from National instruments. I'm worried about this as I have a pretty High calibre system (i5-6600K, Asus Maximus Hero viii, Nvidia 970, 16gb ram, Windows 10). If I cant fix the problem I will have to uninstall. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. P.s I am sorry if I have put this in the wrong place.


Task Manager Pic.png

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Do you have your myRIO plugged into your system when you have noticed these high CPU usage levels?


If so, do you have any programs running headlessly on the myRIO whilst plugged in?





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Ouch - that's not good. I have had instances of NI Services using more CPU than I think they should, usually it was down to anothe dependency service not being installed correctly. I would try checking the windows services panel to see if it has any NI services that are stopped, try starting them and see if that resolves the issue. Something like the NI Authentication Service or one of the configuration / network discovery services could be likely culprits.


You could also try a repair or reinstall.

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No, the MyRio is not attached

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Id also like to add this is a recurring problem, and that it is becoming increasingly annoying to close thje process each time

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Followup to Sam's suggestion, I've recently "recovered" from some LabVIEW 2015 "mis-installs" that resulted in required NI Services being removed (I can reproduce this by installing LabVIEW 2014 and then LabVIEW 2015 "on top of" the previous installation, though it could be related to the Toolkits that I require).  Here is the list of NI Services that I currently have running on one of my machines (you should have most of these running on yours) --

   NI Application Web Server

   NI Authetication Service

   NI Citadel 4 Service (may be from older LabVIEWs)

   NI Citadel 5 Service

   NI Configuration Manager

   NI Domain Service

   NI GPIB Enumeration Service

   NI LXI Discovery Service

   NI mDNS Responder Service

   NI Network Discovery

   NI PSP Service Locator

   NI PXI Resource Manager

   NI Service Locator

   NI System Web Server

   NI Time Synchronization

   NI TSU Clock Service

   NI Variable Engine

   NILM License Manager  (currently Off, Manual startup)

   NI-RIO Server                   (currently Off, Manual startup)


I realize this is driving you nuts.  I've found that if I can "guess" what is not working and use Control Panel/Programs and Features/NI Software and the "Repair" option with the module at fault, this is much simpler (and faster, though it does take time!) than an Uninstall/Reinstall cycle.  I think I'd recommend doing a Repair of LabVIEW 2015, and if that doesn't work, Repair the NI-RIO/myRIO stuff.


Bob Schor

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Any solution for this?


Every time I start up my laptop, the exact 4 processes (NI Time Synchronisation, NI Citadel 4 Service, NI Variable Engine and NI PSP Service Locator) each take a CPU.


Not sure why or how this happened, bit I think after installing 2017.


I don't have any RIO stuff connected. Not sure if I ever had any remote target connected, but not in 2017 for sure.

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     I'm going to assume (probably incorrectly!) that your problem with 100% CPU Usage reported possibly involving LabVIEW 2017 is not the same issue as the two-year-old problem of the Original Poster, with the last response being one from me about two years ago.


     I just rebooted my Windows 10 Laptop with LabVIEW 2016 installed and looked "as quickly as I could" to processes using CPU times when I first logged in.  There were multiple NI Processes showing CPU usage, but most were well below 1% ("< 0.01%").


     My LabVIEW configuration includes LabVIEW, VIPM, Vision, LabVIEW Real Time, and 6 entries from Device Drivers (including the ubiquitous LabVIEW 2013 Security Patch).  There are currently 19 NI Services listed, of which one is "Disabled", two are "Manual", and the rest are "Automatic".


You say that four processes each take a CPU.  From the title of the Original Post, do you also mean to say that CPU usage jumps to 100%?  If so, for how long?  I'm not sure what you are seeing, and how it is affecting your PC.


Bob "Still Afraid to Install LabVIEW 2017" Schor

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Just an idea, don't know if it is the solution, but it seems that these are all services that require network access. Perhaps these services get restricted by your firewall or another security software running on your computer.


Regards, Jens

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Bob_Schor wrote:

You say that four processes each take a CPU.  From the title of the Original Post, do you also mean to say that CPU usage jumps to 100%?  If so, for how long?  I'm not sure what you are seeing, and how it is affecting your PC.

Each of the 4 processes takes one CPU, so each process takes 25%. That is 100% in total. It does not stop as far as I know. At least not within 10 minutes. That's how long it takes me to give up and use task manager to kill the services.


I think jg69 might be right. It could be that when installing LV17, I got a message from the firewall. I might have chosen poorly, making this happen. It would still be a bug in the services (that I did not ever ask for btw). It doesn't seem to happen every time, so there might also be a timing condition. If it starts looking before network started up, it hangs, else it's no problem. Something like that.


Uninstalling those services would be my first choice, but with two pieces of software managing this (old and new NI installer) it's not that easy to find. Perhaps the variable engine can't be uninstalled, as LV is probably depending on it (even though I don't use or want it).

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