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CLD Exam and Sample Test


I am planning to take the CLD test in a month's time. I started working on the sample questions for CLD and compeleted one sample test (Car Wash). 


I have attached my solution with this post. I would greatly appreciate if you could provide me any feedback on how I have performed and some of the important things I am missing in this solution in order to pass the CLD. And with this, would I be able to clear the CLD exam?


Thanks in advance!


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Is "Stop Program" supposed to stop the program right away?

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Not right away, but if STOP is pressed during the wash is in progress, Program will stop after one of the wash types is complete.

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Right on. To my eye, your code is good. There may be a few example you can compare here:


Did you do this in four hours?

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Thank you Todd. Appreciate your comments. I did the test in 4 hours but had to break it into two 2 hrs session. But overall it was 4 hrs.

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