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Build fails with Error 8 - LabVIEW 2012

Hello Everyone,


I am using LabVIEW 2012 for one of project and during the build getting the below error, Could anyone guide me the solution for the same.


Error 8 occurred at Create Folder in Create Directory>>>>>>>>>


Possible reason(s):


LabVIEW:  File permission error. You do not have the correct permissions for the file.


Getting this error while building after the implementation

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Your build is trying to create a folder on C drive, which is usually not allowed. You can try to create that folder before hand. Or change the output directory to another path.


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Older versions of LabVIEW (2015 and earlier maybe?) would sometimes give weird permission errors if you tried doing a build with an explorer window open displaying one of the folders where LabVIEW needed to create a file or folder.  If you try again, make sure all explorer windows are closed and see if that helps.

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Hi.... Thank you for your reply


I have tried this but it didn't workout for me

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Thanks for your response...... Still the error remains same

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