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Broken run arrow with no errors

I had a problem the other day, three hours in to my CLD exam, where I had a broken run arrow but had no error messages. A colleague of mine experienced the same issue last night.  I was using LV 8.0 and my colleague was using LV 8.2.  I have seen several previous discussions about this but I did not see the solution we can to. In both my and my colleague's programs, we used the warning messages to find the problem was a tunnel with NO wires going to it.  In my case, I had two tunnels stacked on top of each other, rushing to complete the exam I missed the tunnel when wiring to it so it created another tunnel, later while cleaning up the code I deleted the wire going to the hidden tunnel but the tunnel remained.  This was not obvious since this tunnel was under another tunnel.  I found a warning stating I had an unwired tunnel, should have been an error but it wasn't.  Once I deleted the unwired, and hidden, tunnel the broken arrow cleared.  I am not sure if this issue is know but I figured I would tell the LV world to check your warnings for unwired tunnels if you have a broken run arrow but NO errors.  It may save you time and frustration, especially during the CLD Exam, in the future.
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Not really a solution, just a debug technque.
Use the diagram disable structure to disable a big part (half?) of your broken VI. Error fixed? -> Narrow. Error not fixed?->narrow other half

This should get you pretty fast into the rotten code.

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The diagram disable structure did not catch the problem in my case.  I even went as far as disabling the entire block diagram and the run arrow was still broke. 
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Hello AJL,

There are a couple of discussion forums regarding this issue and I also found this KB.  You may want to check it out.

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I realise this is a very old thread, but I have had a similar problem and solved it. My issue turned out to be that a wire going to a case structure tunnel was (for some reason) thinking it was an output, when it was actually designed as an input (and was going to an indicator terminal!).


Solution was to delete the wire and re-connect.

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