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Block Diagram Graphics Broken

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Hi all,


I have a very frustrating problem. The block diagram of my VI has become perhaps a bit too large (though I tried to keep it as small as possible, there is a lot of stuff going on there) and after my last diagram cleanup some objects have disappeared!! I looked in the forum and it appears that there is a solution

based on moving the objects of the diagram towards the origin but this does not work for me... When I try to scroll to the right most end of the diagram in order to pickup the objects with broken graphics and move them towards the origin labview crashes

Please note that I have no other problems with the PC I am working with and that my graphics card drivers are up to date!!!

Any help?? I really really want to avoid rolling back a version in my VI...

Thanks a lot,
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Copy+paste to another vi?

After diagram cleanup, select all and paste into another vi and it should be in visible range.


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I tried this but it doesnt work... This is something that NI will definitely have to look into as it renders your VI useless..

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it seems that I had not been paying attention... The solution described here was valid in my case as well..

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