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Bipolar Hall Effect Sensors

Has anybody simulated Bipolar Hall Effect Sensors I am looking for some examples if there out there and some ideas.


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What do you mean by simulate??  Solve for values, produce a waveform??

If you are trying to solve for values, you can use a formula node to work it out for you and have the user input known values.

You can make it pretty "fancy" with an animation like you are pressing a button, etc. if you are trying to make it simulate in that sense (obviuoulsy this will take some time to create an aniumation).  You could make while loop and using the known values for a sensor, have the "magnet" move closer and further from the sensor and create a waveform showing the field strength or switching of the sensor.

Let me know.

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What I'm trying to do is, have a card that connects to the sensors but instead of connecting the sensors, I want Labview to act as the the sensors connected to the card. 
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So you want to be able to have LabVIEW "inject" a signal to a card in order to make the card think it is connected to a sensor??  Or are you eventually wanting to connect to the card, but want to "simulate" using software only, no card involved??
What hardware are you using??

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