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BiSS serial protocol with an absolute position encoder

Hey everybody,


actually I working at a problem with an absolute position encoder from renishaw.

First my hardware: 

NI PXI 1701 with NI PXIe-6341

Sensor: Renishaw RESOLUTE with BiSS (


I am not so sure how I can connect the sensor in LabVIEW and read the BiSS protocol from the sensor in LabVIEW. Maybe some of you have a solution?


Kind regards


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This will not be easily achieved through your hardware.


Resolute BiSS is a serial communications protocol, which will either need implementing through custom code on an FPGA or through a third party module. SEA Datentechnik GmbH make a nice C series module for BiSS on cRIO which will work with Resolute, but I don't think they've looked at developing a PXI version.


The 6341 is a multifunction IO card, so is unsuitable for this.

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