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BUG: Performance in zoomed mode in IDE

@rolfk wrote:

I seem to have remembered something wrong. The VI coordinates still seems an i16 but the absolute screen coordinates is an i32.


Not that I ever felt like getting rilled up about the i16 limit for Vi diagrams and even less about frontpanels. Anyone creating such VIs should be forbidden to use LabVIEW. 😀

You might not always know that you, or anybody else (accidentally) has offset the VI's origin.


If the origin isn't 0,0, but 32k-1, 0, even a tiny bit of code can become a problem.


I think the only way to test\prevent this in the IDE is to regularly do QD+CTRL+O.


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New find!

If you have several windows open, it gets horrible even without Navigation window. It's actually slightly faster with it open?!

It's every 2nd update that's extremely slow.


I added an Iteration indicator connected to 'i' and noticed a new behaviour.

1. Having 10 windows open, i got 3700 ms update time at 106% zoom even without Navigation window (only 1 window zoomed, i haven't tested with several)

2. Opening Nav. actually dropped it to 2700 ...

3. Looking at the Iteration, it seems to be fast/skip every second. I only saw the big time numbers, but 'i' jumped from 151 to 153, 155 and so on, so every 2nd must have been fast/skipped.

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