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Application crash with error ntdll.dll 00018fea

I have a problem with my app.exe build.
I attach a simple code; the Vi open and close a TDM file.
If I run this Vi in Labview works fine.

If I build the application.exe on a notebook and I run it I got "Application crash with error ntdll.dll 00018fea".

I've tried to build the Vi on another Pc Desktop with Labview and here if I run the exe it works fine.

On the two PC I have LV8.5; the build options are the same.
On the notebook I've try also to reinstall LV8.5 but I got the same error.

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot
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Hello MicheleS,
I've tested your VI (as executable) but I cannot reproduce the crash. Since the involved .dll is the one containing the Windows Native API's, we must focus on the OS behaviour. For this reason we can check if:
  • Does the crash show up only with the VI you attached or with other executables built from LabVIEW?
  • The PC and the notebook mentioned have the same Operating System?
  • Do you have any firewall installed on the notebook?

Best Regards,


Fabio M.
National Instruments
Principal Systems Engineer
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Hi Fabio,
thanks for the answer.

My other application works fine but crash when call "Open Tdm" so I've cut the code to isolete the problem (attached code).
The two PC have Win Xp.
On the notebook I've just an antivirus.

This morning I've try to put the ntdll.dll of the other PC in the notebook but the problem remain.
I've try to open a TDMS intead TDM but I got the error.
I've also uninstalled Visual Studio 2005 that I've installed few weeks ago; I don't know if this program have made some problems.
I've try to re-install LV but nothing.

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another thing: if on the notebook I use the application built with the other PC it works.
So I think the problem is from the building but the configuration is the same of the two PC.

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Hi, finally I've re-installed all the National software and uninstalled Visual Studio 2005.
Now it works.
In these days I check if I got the problem after install VS 2005.

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@MicheleS wrote:

This morning I've try to put the ntdll.dll of the other PC in the notebook but the problem remain.

Never ever do that! You were very lucky that both ntdll.dll files were probably the same version so the exchange didn't do much but ntdll.dll is one of the core Windows DLLs were everything goes through that normal applications may access in Windows. A mixup in such a part because of incompatitible ntdll.dll with other system API DLLs might prevent your computer entirely from starting up even in safe mode.

You should not attempt to ever switch system DLLs between different computers. In such behaviour lays insanity. If you expect a system DLL to be corrupt attempt to do a repair installation instead. Also Windows nowadays has techniques to detect if a system DLL got corrupt and will attempt to repair it, though I guess if ntdll.dll would go belly up it's likely your computer won't even start up.

Rolf Kalbermatter

Message Edited by rolfk on 01-14-2008 08:05 AM
Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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