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I just built my first executable, but I configured my VI's for serial using COM4, and termchar "D" but when VI closes setting reset to com1. Is there a way to permanently set termchar and visa resource name without having to select everytime application exectues? 

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Sorry, I cannot look at VIs in LabVIEW 2021. Assuming these are controls, you just need to make the desired values the default. (e.g. enter desired values, select all desired controls...edit...make selected values default)

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Accepted by topic author Manny904

Before you save your VI:

  1. Set the control to Com4
  2. Right click on the VISA resource name control
  3. Select "Data Operations" ---> "Make Current Value Default" from the pop-up menu
  4. Save your VI
  5. Build your executable
  6. The executable will now default to Com4


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I just completed my first application build, the VI runs fine with no problems. But when I run the executable, it doesn't communicate to hardware, check configuration of VI, and every is correct. Using windows 10, I attached the VI and the executable. I added both VI's auto and manual initialize but no response when using executable. 

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Is this the same issue you had in this thread? Application builder help



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  I made the changes to both VI's and created a new project but doesn't communicate when using executable but works with VI.

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Yes, I was able to make values default but the executable wont work.

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So that's a different problem and hints at missing drivers or resources that are already in use. I assume your exe has some error handling? What does it complain about?


Did the original exe work after you change the control values once it is running?

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@Manny904 wrote:

Yes, I was able to make values default but the executable wont work.

Please answer my question here. (Maybe we should merges these threads?)

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Both VI's run without a problem no errors, and when executable is ran no issues. Could it be that I'm using both VI on the same com port?

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