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Ant+ USB with LabVIEW

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Hello. Has anyone attempted to read sensor info via Ant+ USB into LabVIEW? I have some code that sort of works... regardless of whether I use the Dynastream provided driver or create a VISA driver using VISA Driver Wizard, I get the following errors in the LabVIEW VI "VISA Open":

"The specified VISA resource is not a USB device"
"Error -1073807346 occurred at VISA Open. Possible reasons: The given session or object reference is invalid."

I've tried using both "VISA Defaults" and "Load Configured Settings" for the "access mode" of the resource.

Any insight would be appreciated. LabVIEW code is attached. The main program is "Ahad_Vectorfinalpstruct_JFA" in JFA_Mod\Jamie.


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Hi jfalesi,


This is Roel in Applications Engineering at NI. Some more information about your project might be helpful in assisting you. Are you able to see the device in NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX)? If so, have you done a self-test? If yes to this also, try using the VISA test panels to interactively communicate with your task. Before troubleshooting code, it is best to follow these steps to ensure that the computer can indeed communicate with the resource.


Best of luck!

Best Regards,

Roel F.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks Roel.  I managed to get it working with the help of NI-MAX and the VISA test panels.  Incidentally, I did a forum search on ANT+ and turned up no useful information.  Is no one else attempting to get LV to communicate with an ANT+ device (a Garmin Vector pedal in my case), or are we all too busy working in it to post about it?  😉



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Hello Jamie

I would like to read the data from the Garmin Vector pedals (Vector V2) in LabView. For this I use the Ant + USB Stick Garmin.

I have the following error messages:





What settings you have made in MAX? Have you made changes to your VI (Ahad_Vectorfinalpstruct_JFA)?

for help I am very happy!




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Hi Ruedi.  Let me check and get back to you.  I have not worked on this project in quite some time - Unfortunately, I have been working in MATLAB lately 🙂



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Can You please explain about last parameter "Checksum" in your program...


What is it, how it is defined...?


I read this: 

In Caption 7 ANT Interface there is 7.1 Message structure. It says : 

CHECKSUM: XOR of all previous bytes including the SYNC byte

But in your program there is just checksum of one byte calculated...


For example in your "Reset Ant-USB receiver" part of the program (see attached image), You calculate checksum of 0 and 239. Why there is 239? Why checksum only of 0?

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I know this is years late, but... yeah, that code is OBE, especially since I hear that LabVIEW supports ANT+ now (or is it the other way around?)

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