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Analog Output Electrometer

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I am working with an electrometer which  can resolve currents as low as 0.1fA

and measure as high as 20mA in 11 ranges.

With the analog output of the device (0V - 2V) i go to an analog input of the NI 6009. 

The output gives an analog output signal for each range seperatly.

(For example: 1.67 V can be 16.7 mA but also 16.7 nA)


How can I know in LabView in which range I am?





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Wait a second while I put on my magic clairvoiyant hat......


Oh darn, where did I put it.  Sorry, Can't help much further without it.


Maybe a model number of your electrometer might help while I continue looking for my magic hat?

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It`s the programmable electrometer from Keithley.

Hope you can find your hat now...



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Haven't found my hat yet, but I haven't found THE electrometer from Keithley either, I've found SOME Electrometers, but It looks like I still need my hat to find out which one of them you are using....

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Sorry I forgot the number.

MODEL 6512 Programmable electrometer from Keithley.

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Accepted by Andutschi

I think you have one of two options:

1) Use the IEEE-488 interface to read out the value instead

2) Fix the meter to a single signal range to allow a 1:1 assignment of the 2V output to a measurement value

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