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An error occurred downloading the VI to the FPGA device.



So I'm trying to download a VI to my FPGA and I get the following error every time. Could you help me with this? Does anyone know how to solve this?


"An error occurred downloading the VI to the FPGA device. Verify that the target is connected and powered and that the resource of the target is properly configured."



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Please verify that:

  • You have installed FPGA, NI RIO, LabVIEW Relatime ALL in the SAME VERSION!
  • Do you see your Target in NI MAX? Here you can verify the software version.
  • Can you connect your Target in the LabVIEW Project, by rightclicking on it, and connect? (some useful steps of troubleshooting are here:
    Why Can I Not Connect to my PXI RealTime (RT) Target on the Network?

If you checked that the best way is to start over:

When you were able to start your programm once, and now you can no more connect to it, it might be a good idea to check out, if your targetsystem has met the CPU limit of over 75% usage.

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