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Adding column data to TreeView after node has been made

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I have code that creates a tree view. This seems to work fine. I have also code that allows the user to right click on an item and get a pop-up menu. That seems to work fine.


What I want to do is based on the selection of the pop-up menu, ad a note in the first column after the tree. In general what I am doing is allowing the user to skip processing certain elements that are organized by a tree. They might skip a leaf, or skip a whole branch. But I also want that the node is to be skipped marked in the next column.


From what I can tell, there isn't really a way to do this. At best, you can enable edit mode and use a Windows System call to write the string in the column, presuming you can select it to begin with. Or maybe you can delete the node and add it back with the column text defined. (A nightmare if the node has children.)


In a nutshell, can I edit text in the extra columns in a tree view after the node has been defined with Edit Tree Items.Add Item? Or is it too late.





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That works

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