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Adding a speed sensor to my program.

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I actually need to add a Bruel and Kjaer Laser Tacho Probe to my LabVIEW code.

It’s actually meant to function as speed sensor to measure the speed of a rotor shaft.

I would be extremely grateful for any help on how to proceed with this.

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Have you searched the Web?  There even seems to be some Posts on this topic in this Forum.  Are you asking for help to develop the code yourself, or are you trying to hire a LabVIEW expert?


Bob Schor

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It would have been nice to link to the datasheet of the sensor 😉

Assuming a 2981 the datasheet tells us

It is possible to use Type 2981 with a standard CCLD supply.
The low rpm limit of the system will be the high-pass frequency
of the CCLD power supply rather than zero. Bias voltage and
signal amplitude are almost completely unaffected by rpm and
distance to the object and are also independent of CCLD current
between 4 and 20 mA.


so a possible NI device would be anything with a IEPE (B&K wording CCLD) supply input. with the restriction of the lower RPM defined by the IEPE highpass....

(you can detect pulses within the analog input, to get RPM you need some signalprocessing ... )

What hardware do you already have?

You can build a IEPE(CCLD) supply, add a comparator and use a digital timer IO... if you know what you are doing 😉


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