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Adding Save button in Continuous Measurement Data Logger

Hey guys, I'm a new LabVIEW user, so please be respectful in your answers 🙂


That said, I'm currently trying to configurate my Main.Vi UI and I want to add a "Save" button on it, which save my parameters when I execute it. However, in this mode the data are saved when "Start" button is pushed. Thus, I'd like to remove this function and add this function to a "Save" button instead. How can I do that ?

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Could upload your code and share with us what you have tried so far?

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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The solution strongly depends on your code architecture. If it is a nice state machine, it's simple. If it is screenfuls of spaghetti code, it's hard.


Are you using a prebuild example program (which one? Link please!) or did you write your own?

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