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Add new item to OPC server in LabView

Hi. I want to connect my PLC Unitronics Jazz to LabView using OPC Server. It have OPC Server called UniOPC Server. I don't know how to add an Item in LabView.

UniOPC don't have option to add new Item - I have to do this by opc client. In OPC QuickClient I can see UniOPC server, and there I can add Item and change values of variables (for example I can change value of MB0 - Memory Bit 0) but in LabView when I try to use this in VI project I have error: "Error 0x0000002A connecting to .../plc.MB0".

I would like to try to add new Item without QuickClient - in LabView and see if that works. Can someone help me, please?

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Hi there,


According to the following link, you might not be able to connect your PLC to LabVIEW:


In general, if you would like to establish a connection between LabVIEW and a PLC, here is a step-by-step guide:





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