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ActiveX Automation Reference getting corrupted when sharing with Teststand

I am using ActiveX Automation to interact with a 3rd Party Software. I use LabVIEW Functional Global to store the activeX reference. I have some low-level APIs with the Automation Refnum In and Out and few high level APIs which use the reference from Functional Global. I am also using these APIs in Teststand. When I store the Automation Reference in the Teststand Local Variable and pass it to the low-level APIs, It was working fine. But when I pass the Reference from the Teststand Local Variable to the Functional Global and use it afterwards, the reference is getting corrupted and I am getting error.


I have created a prototype of the situation using ActiveX call to Skype from LabVIEW. The attached file has 3 Teststand sequences explaining the situation. 


Debug1.seq : Passes the reference from TS Local to LV Functional Global  : Generates error

Debug2.seq : Uses the reference from TS Local alone : No error

Debug3.seq : Uses the reference from LV Functional Global alone : No error


Can anyone suggest why is the reference loses its validity or any solutions?

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