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Access variables (Shared variable pallet - Scan Mode)



I would like to be able to access an analogue C-series module in my cRio-9040 using the shared variable pallet; However

I need the vi to run on the local PC, not the target.




Is this possible?


I modified an example vi but I am met with an error, the single variable for ai0 works fine though.




I use LabVIEW very infrequently so I am still fairly novice.


Thanks in advance for any help.





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The cRIO has a separate processor running a Real-Time Operating System (probably NI Linux Real-Time) that, in turn, is communicating with the Modules that are plugged into it (as MAX is showing you).  Your LabVIEW code in your PC communicates with a separate piece of LabVIEW code that you run on the cRIO.  The PC code handles the User Interface, display, and file I/O, while the LabVIEW Real-Time code on the cRIO handles the communication with the DAC hardware.  The two programs communicate using TCP/IP, making this a very flexible, very fast, and responsive Data Acquisition and Control platform.


It is not (in general) possible to run cRIO hardware on a PC.  There are USB DAQ devices that will plug into your PC, but modules for the cRIO will not.


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob


thank-you for your reply.


I am a little out my depth here, but I think I understand what your driving at.


would something like this be possible, In this event I wasn't able to bind the All Variables control to the variable.




This code runs on the cRIO



This code runs on the PC




I was looking for a more elegant solution than dragging all the individual 

channel variable to the vi on the PC as below




Thanks Again



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