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AXIS 213 Camera

Hi Laurent,


I'm working with a 241Q server for 4 cameras, but the refresh rate is too slow,


Can you help me?

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Can you post more detail about your issue?

National Instruments
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Hi Michelle,


I Attach my example program




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Can you give us more information? Such as what is the refresh rate you are expecting and what you are actually getting? Also, please point us to the part of the code where you are initializing your cameras and grabbing images from them.


National Instruments
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The initialization of the cameras is in the VI attached in my last post. I think that the problem was that I don't stopped the video stream each time that I stopped labview. But I don't know how to select certain parameters yet. The request for the video stream is made when you type the MediaUrl, there you can set some properties, like the video source (AXIS 241 let you four video sources), but I don't have the information of the sintax. For this VI I have taken and modified some examples from Internet.

I attach a new simple VI that works OK, but I still don't have all the information of the sintax for MediaURL. I know how to select the video source, but I don´t know much else more



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Syntax information should be in the manual for this device. If not, AXIS Communications should be able to tell you what this particular property expects.

National Instruments
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Hi, all.

I have some problem when trying to get video stream on LabView with AXIS video camera. I am working with LabView 8.6 and an AXIS 210 Video Camera. There is no way to obtain any image or video signal. When I try to get a MPEG-4 stream, I obtain the message: "Please install the MPEG-4 Video Decoder!". But, if Ioad the IP direction in an internet browser, I see the video without any problem.

I attach my program, so that you can check it. Maybe I forgot some command or I have to enable/disable some variable

Thanks in advance.

Francisco Porras
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Well, I could solve this issue. There was a little problem with the net.


However, thank you all.




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I am facing a problem with my axis camera and labview.

I have my program already set up and i am aquiring the video stream in the active X container. but i want to capture images from that stream and analyze them.


Unfortunately i have only been successful by using the save image method then i open the image and analyse it, and this consumes lot of time during the program execution.


Does anyone know how i can just save the stream to a buffer image? so that i do not have to save individual snapshots then open them again?


Any help would be highly appreciated,



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Hey Fad,


 I am not very familiar with that particular ActiveX control so I am not sure what methods and properties of that video stream you have available to you. Is there a property of that ActiveX control that gives you the image or corresponding array of pixel data? Do you have the Vision Development Module (VDM)? If you have VDM and have access to the individual image, you could put it into an image buffer and do your analysis. Alternatively, is there a method to save your image stream as an AVI? This could save some of the overhead of saving each image individually and then you could use VDM to analyze each individual image frame from that AVI file.


Also, this thread is fairly old, you might get more attention if you post your question in a new thread and simply reference this one.

Hope this helps.

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