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ATI Remote Wonder LabVIEW drivers

if someone has some drivers for The Remote Wonder that could be really helpfull for me.

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Could you be more specific as to what you are tring to do? The ATI Remote Wonder already ships with drivers that should work for you. Are you looking for extra functionality beyond this? Also what operating system are you running? How will you be connecting the remote to your computer? With more information, I could try to help you further. Thanks!

Ebele O.
National Instruments
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I want to know in labview when any button is pushed. The remote wonder is usb. you can reach the windows drivers from ATI website at

Thanks belle
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Hi Nanobu,

One option would be to use the VISA Driver Development wizard to assign NI-VISA as the driver for the remote. This option requires you to have VERY detailed knowledge about the remote, and will not be trivial . One question though. Does the remote mimic keystrokes on your keyboard when you push a button? If it does, then you can use LabVIEW directly to capture the keystrokes and determine what button was pushed on the remote. This will probably be a more feasible solution. Hope this helps.

Ebele O.
National Instruments
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